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15 June 2022

Overall very good. Helpful advisor.

12 June 2022

Emma Always kept me informed- information clear and regular updates and went out of her way to make the experience a pleasure and as exciting as it should be buying a car. It could have gone another way - tempted to buy elsewhere due to delays.

09 June 2022

Emma didn't rush the process. She went at my pace. Initially I just came to decide what car I would like. She was helpful and encouraging without excess pressure. Her manner was easy with a sense of humour.

27 May 2022

Polite, helpful, and just went out of their way to help sell the car, very responsive to answer questions we raised.

23 May 2022

I was happy to discuss my car with Vishal and was not hassled with other stuff not appropriate for my requirements. I was given advice which in the most part I accepted.

22 May 2022

The staff were all very friendly and informative. Emma, the sales person, was delightful to work with - she fully explained all the options that we could have with the car and put together a service plan to us for the next few years.

20 May 2022

Easy handover backed up with video no drama very honest service

17 May 2022

Very helpful staff and never felt pressured

14 May 2022

Ian is the reason top man

14 May 2022

Good service

09 June 2022

Good customer service

05 June 2022

Great service and my wife is happy to take our car there

02 June 2022

Everyone I had contact with were professional, helpful and good to deal with.

31 May 2022

Kept updated regularly

30 May 2022

Great to have the service people back located in SJ mini again. Service from the team I used to use at blackheath for years was excellent. The service and courtesy from SJ Ruxley mini has always been great. When sited at SJBMW Ruxley it was awful.

30 May 2022

Service team helpful and informative

30 May 2022

Everything taken care of.No issues

30 May 2022

Service advisor was very helpful and kept us informed.

28 May 2022

kept informed throughout

20 May 2022

Every time I have been in I feel like a valued customer and it's lovely.